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Hakko Custom Hot Air Nozzle
NOZZLE,A1129B,36mm LEGS,FR-803B/802/801
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NOZZLE,A1129B,36mm LEGS,FR-803B/802/801    (non returnable item)
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Document Description
 10126 The highest air setting is not suffcient on my 850D. I found through experimentation that by bypassing the sound proof tank on the top of the air pump I get a much higher flow. Does this container serve any other purpose than sound proofing? If I bypass it for production use will it cause damage?
 10146 Will any of your nozzles work on the legacy 850 models?
 10177 What Hakko Products Do Not Require Calibration?
 10223 Do you have a conversion list for old 850-N-XX 850 nozzles to newer 4 digit numbers.
 10349 How can I identify Hakko ceramic heaters?
 10394 Do all Hakko products have safety approvals such as UL or CSA?
 10421 Hakko 850 Modification for Nitrogen Supply
 10460 Filteration
 10489 On the Hakko 850 SMD rework station what is the CFM rating for the pump?
 10575 Decimal - Fraction Reference Table
 10586 How to replace your HAR heater pipe assembly even though B2452 is discontinued

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