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SCREWS,HOUSING,3PK,802    (non returnable item)
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Document Description
 10394 Do all Hakko products have safety approvals such as UL or CSA?
 10503 When I send the soldering station to the supplier for calibration, should I send also the soldering iron at the same time. Are soldering irons interchangeable from one soldering station to the other or is it important to keep the soldering irons with the soldering stations they were calibrated with.
 10524 For the FX-888, can it work with 220v ac input?
 10529 I have 936 models whch I now discover have been discontinued. I need heating elements for them. What to do, just throw them away??!!
 10547 Can I order replacement tips when I order the FX-888 and if so, how?
 10581 Are 936 and FX-888 Heating Elements Interchageable
 10599 How do I reset the HAKKO FX-888D back to factory default settings?

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