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HOSE,3/8in. CLEAR,48in.,HJ3080
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Document Description
 10040 Can I use my Hakko HJ3100 Fume Extration System in aplications where thinner and paint are used in a pad printing machine, with the same filter 999-136 or do we need another filter or other fume extractor?
 10079 We are currently using the HEPA filter 999-137 (HJ3100 fume extraction system) to filter fumes for mineral spirits. Is this the correct filter for that application?
 10081 Why does the thermocouple temperature read 999?
 10332 What is the recommended air hose (size and type) for connection between the FM-2024 DCB (External air inlet) and the external compressed supply.
 10340 Calibration and Hot Air Rework Station Temperature
 10357 I was looking at your specs online for the HJ3100. I wanted to know more about the CFM measurements. One port is at 100CFMand two ports are at 180CFM (90CFM per port). Is this measurement taken at the port or at the end of the nozzle? I was told that as you add lock-line kits and nozzles to the unit that it changes the air flow by the time the air is at the end of the nozzle. So youre really only getting 40-50CFM at the end of the nozzle. Is that correct?
 10417 What is the difference between the 999-137 HEPA filter and the 999-182 carbon filter for the HJ3100?
 10455 Why does the T/C display on my FR-1012B IR Preheater read ''999''?
 10460 Filteration
 10486 What are the dimensions of the HEPA/Carbon Combo filter for the HJ3100 Fume Extraction System?
 10604 What HAKKO Fume Extractions Units can be used with the HAKKO 999-110 Universal Absorption Pipe Kit?

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