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TIP,SLOT,4.8 x 2.3mm,CHIP1808,FM-2027
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TIP,SLOT,4.8 x 2.3mm,CHIP1808,FM-2027
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Document Description
 10186 How do T15 tips differ from the older tips for the FM-202 and why would it be necessary to turn off the process gate?
 10187 Standard Offsets for Composite Tips and Nozzles
 10211 How to turn off the Process Gate for the FM-202 when using T15 Series Composite Tips
 10249 Is there a way to put an offset adjustment on the FP-102 soldering iron?
 10304 One of my soldering stations, a FM-202, has an error message shortly after getting powered up.The message looks like t - e. Can you tell me what this means?
 10306 Is there a tip available for desoldering SMT components which has plastic component bodies, like the axicom relays(SMT)?
 10386 Recommendations on Soldering Tip Selection
 10392 Can I use a T15-D4 tip with a FM205 station?
 10400 What is the tiniest tip Hakko has for fine pitch rework? I find that on 20 mil pitch rework that even the smallest tip I can find for my Metcal is not small or pointed enough.
 10401 I have an FM-2023, but the "Tip ID Number" key is missing - what is the number I enter on the FM-202? Thanks in advance for your support.
 10466 T18 Tip Cross-Reference
 10591 When was the heating element lead wire diameter increased in the T15 tips?

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