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The FP-102 soldering station delivers the same superior heat transfer and thermal recovery as the Hakko FM-202 and uses the same revolutionary quick-change composite tips as the FM-202. Item #: FP102-01

REPLACED BY FX-951 SOLDERING STATION AS STATED IN PRODUCT BULLETIN PB264 (which can be found under the "Documents" Tab)
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The FUTURE PRODUCT FP-102 is a low cost, high performance soldering station that delivers! The FP-102 features:

  • an iron with a unique cartridge and soft grip design that allows cartridges with different tips and removable ergonomic grips to be quickly and easily replaced
  • built in patent pending heating element
  • tip temperature can be changed without changing the tip
  • four pre-set nominal soldering temperatures to choose from at the touch of a button
  • over 75 tip configurations available
  • once the tip temperature is set, it is “locked” into the system memory and cannot be changed without the lockout key card
  • red ring LED in connector stays illuminated when the iron is hot (patent pending feature)
  • can be used as a desoldering station with the FM-2024 Desoldering Tool
  • ESD-safe by design

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Part Number: FP102-01
(see Specifications for more details)

NOTE: The FP-101 and the FP-102 share the same specifications and features and benefits with one exception: the FP-102 has the ability to operate the FM-2024 Desoldering Tool. For more information, please visit the FM-2024 web page in the Desoldering Section.




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