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Pre-forms axial leaded components with 90° bends (“U” shape) • 15.24mm pitch. Item #: PPR-5003
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Document Description
 10006 Why Won't My Soldering Iron Heat Up?
 10008 Hakko Desoldering Tool Creates a Slight Pressure Instead of Vacuum
 10037 What are the appropriate values for the sensor circuit and heater cirucit in my 903 Series tip?
 10080 What is the temperature tolerance for the Presto irons?
 10175 How often do we change P/N:A1001 Filter?
 10247 What is the airflow for a Hakko 493?
 10249 Is there a way to put an offset adjustment on the FP-102 soldering iron?
 10255 How fast do the brushes of an FT-700 spin?
 10271 The FM-205 requires shop air. How does the air compressor creation suction with the FM-205? Does the FM-2024 handle have anything to do with this suction?
 10297 What are the different optimal soldering temperatures for soldering with tin/lead solder and lead-free solder?
 10303 How often do I need to change HJ3100 filters to be sure that the carbon filter continues to extract fumes?
 10307 I am considering purchasing a Hakko 808 Desoldering Gun. Is this product safe on electronics? Is it ESD Safe?
 10308 Purchased a 936-RC-B (936-13) soldering station. The unit works great, but is there a "dial" face that gives me approximate temperature settings? It has an RC skin over the unit direct from you. Your instructions, page 4 say set the temperature. How? Your instructions on page 5 state to do a calibration, set the unit to 400 degrees. With no calibration markings both will be hard. I have used it and obviously know how to turn a knob...just looking for better guestimate
 10322 How to Maximize Soldering Iron Tip Life
 10340 Calibration and Hot Air Rework Station Temperature
 10357 I was looking at your specs online for the HJ3100. I wanted to know more about the CFM measurements. One port is at 100CFMand two ports are at 180CFM (90CFM per port). Is this measurement taken at the port or at the end of the nozzle? I was told that as you add lock-line kits and nozzles to the unit that it changes the air flow by the time the air is at the end of the nozzle. So youre really only getting 40-50CFM at the end of the nozzle. Is that correct?
 10358 Where can I enter the warranty card information for the 936 station and 493 smoke absorber?
 10379 Is the 456-16 CSA approved?
 10386 Recommendations on Soldering Tip Selection
 10394 Do all Hakko products have safety approvals such as UL or CSA?
 10403 I work in stained glass as a hobby and would appreciate it if you could send me information regarding the health concerns of working with solid core solder. Thank you
 10405 I have a Hakko 707-1 Desolder gun with station. I need replacement nozzles. Where can I purchase them? Are there any other compatible brands for this gun? Thanks
 10417 What is the difference between the 999-137 HEPA filter and the 999-182 carbon filter for the HJ3100?
 10427 How hot does the 557-V12, 200w iron get?
 10460 Filteration
 10488 I am currently researching the purchase of a new BGA rework station. What is the max temp of the bottomside preheater and the reflow head of the FR1418-04?
 10495 We are using Hakko 96 model solder pot for our dipping process. I know this item has been discontinued but I would like the know if there is tolerance on the termperature settings and on solder bath temperature for HAKKO 96 solder pot. There is no mention of tolerance in the manual. Do you have any information on the tolerance. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
 10503 When I send the soldering station to the supplier for calibration, should I send also the soldering iron at the same time. Are soldering irons interchangeable from one soldering station to the other or is it important to keep the soldering irons with the soldering stations they were calibrated with.
 10538 FR-1418 Optics Calibration
 10550 What is the difference between Metcal SmartHeat and Hakko Composite Tip technology?
 10559 Does an MSDS for any Hakko product expire?
 10565 What is the rating for the fan used in the Hakko FA-400?
 10570 Are the main filters for the Hakko FA-430 and Hakko 421 interchangeable?
 10581 Are 936 and FX-888 Heating Elements Interchageable
 10592 How to I prepare a soldering iron tip for use with my select alloy of solder?
 10594 What are the typical airflow values for the Hakko FR-1418 BGA Rework System?
 10604 What HAKKO Fume Extractions Units can be used with the HAKKO 999-110 Universal Absorption Pipe Kit?

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