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HJ3100 Filter Adapter

Please Note: The HJ3100 Main Filter (PN: 999-137) has been replaced with the new Hakko FA-430 fume extraction Main Filter (PN: A1586).

The FA-430 Main Filter was designed to optimize filtration and airflow in the smallest volume of space, thus making the FA-430 unit and Main Filter smaller than the HJ3100.

If you have a Hakko HJ3100 fume extraction system, the new FA-430 Main Filter will work in your HJ3100 with the Hakko Filter Adapter Frame (PN: 999-241).

The Hakko Filter Adapter Frame was designed to ensure a good seal between the lid of the HJ3100 and the smaller FA-430 Main Filter.


Installation is fast and easy.

1. Unlatch and remove the lid of the HJ3100 and remove (pull out) the Main Filter.

2. Place the Hakko Filter Adapter Frame (PN: 999-241) inside the filter chamber of the HJ3100 unit. Make sure the Filter Adapter Frame sits at the bottom of the filter chamber.

3. Set the new Main Filter (PN: A1586) inside the filter chamber of the HJ3100 so that it rest on top of the Filter Adapter Frame. IMPORTANT: Make sure the airflow direction ARROW on the label of the filter points DOWN.

4. Set a new pre-filter (PN: A1585) on top of the new Main Filter. Press the pre-filter down so that the filter material fits flat on top and across all the pleats of the Main Filter.

5. Replace the lid and secure in place using the two latches.

The new filter not only provides the same filtering efficiency as the previous HJ3100 filter but also improves airflow for the unit. Get yours today



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