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FX951-98 Soldering Station Only

The Hakko FX-951 Station will deliver superior heat transfer and thermal recovery and is a compact station for your workbench. Note: soldering iron not included. Learn More
Part Number: FX951-98

List Price: $146.77

FX-951 Soldering Station

Keep your bench clutter to a minimum and breeze through your tasks. This soldering station features a compact design with superior heat transfer and thermal recovery.

Learn More
Part Number: FX951-66

List Price: $269.77

B3732 FX-951 Front Panel

Replacement front panel for the FX-951 Learn More
Part Number: B3732

List Price: $166.97

B2852 Switch

Replacement switch for the FM-206/204/203,FX-888D/888/951,FA-430/FT-801/FR-830 Learn More
Part Number: B2852

List Price: $4.37

IN-500 Knife Tip (T15 Series)

IN-500 Knife Tip (T15 Series)

2.2mm / 45° x 4.5mm, S-030302 Learn More
Part Number: IN-500

List Price: $13.97

FM-2027 Conversion Kit

This Hakko FM2027-03 Conversion Kit includes FM-2027 handpiece, iron holder, tip cleaner, heat pad and sleep cable. The FM-2027 soldering iron uses the T15 Tip Series. Learn More
Part Number: FM2027-03

List Price: $123.67

FH200-51, FM-2032 Iron Holder

With the FM-2032 micro soldering iron, you can add precision micro soldering capabilities to your FX-951, FM-203 soldering station. Learn More
Part Number: FH200-51

List Price: $65.37

FM-2024 Desoldering Tool Holder

Hakko’s FH200-05 Iron Holder is designed for use with the FM-2024 Desoldering Tool. Learn More
Part Number: FH200-05

List Price: $82.77


NOZZLE,GUIDE,0.6mm,ESD,FX-8803,959/958/952/951 Learn More
Part Number: B2652

List Price: $10.27


NOZZLE,GUIDE,1.0mm,ESD,FX-8803,958/951 Learn More
Part Number: B2654

List Price: $10.27

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