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A1142B, Single, 1.5 x 3mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,BENT,SINGLE,1.5 x 3mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More
Part Number: A1142B

List Price: $75.37

A1128B, QFP-100, 15.2x21.2mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,QFP 100,15.2 x 21.2mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More
Part Number: A1128B

List Price: $146.77

A1129B, QFP, 28.2 x 28.2mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,QFP,28.2 x 28.2mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More
Part Number: A1129B

List Price: $188.17

A1135B, PLCC-44, 18.5x18.5 Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,PLCC 44,18.5 x 18.5mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More
Part Number: A1135B

List Price: $188.17

A1181B, BQFP-100, 20x20mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,BQFP 100,20 x 20mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More

No Cancellation / Non-Returnable

Part Number: A1181B

List Price: $225.97

A1182B, BQFP-132, 24x24mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,BQFP 132,24 x 24mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More
Part Number: A1182B

List Price: $189.57

A1189B, PLCC-100, 36.5x36.5mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,PLCC 100,36.5 x 36.5mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 Learn More

No Cancellation / Non-Returnable

Part Number: A1189B

List Price: $225.97

A1203B, BQFP-196, 35x35mm Hot Air Nozzle

NOZZLE,BQFP 196,35 x 35mm,FR-811/810B/803B/802/801 NOTE: Requires adapter B5058 for use with the FR-810, or see Product Bulletin — PB377 Learn More

No Cancellation / Non-Returnable

Part Number: A1203B

List Price: $225.97

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