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The Hakko FM-2026 Soldering Iron can be used with the Hakko FP-102, FM-202, FX-951 and FM-203 stations. Soldering efficiency is improved as the preheated nitrogen passes along the ceramic heater hand piece. Learn More

No Cancellation / Non-Returnable

Part Number: FM2026-02

List Price: $166.77

FM2024-02 Desoldering Tool Handpiece

The Hakko FM-2024-02 is the desoldering tool handpiece and uses the N3 Series nozzles. Learn More
Part Number: FM2024-02

List Price: $179.67

FM2026-01 Iron Connector Assembly

The Hakko FM-2026 soldering iron connector assembly is designed to supply hot nitrogen to the soldering area, which can increase the soldering efficiency as the gas pre-heats the work area. Calibration is required before starting operation. Learn More
Part Number: FM2026-01

List Price: $182.67

FM2027-01 Soldering Iron Kit

This Hakko FM2027-01 Conversion Kit includes the locking-connector handpiece and sleeve (grip) and heat pad. The T15 Tip Series are used with this handpiece. Learn More
Part Number: FM2027-01

List Price: $90.37


Hakko’s FM-2023 Mini Hot Tweezer tool is designed for use with small chip components, as small as 0201. This Tweezer tool has a unique feature allowing it to work in standard or reverse action mode. Learn More
Part Number: FM2023-02

List Price: $207.07

FM2027-02 Handpiece Connector

Connector assembly handpiece only, without tip. Designed for the T15 Tip Series. Learn More
Part Number: FM2027-02

List Price: $80.67


CK,CONNECTOR ASSY,w/o TIP,24V-70W,FM-2021 Learn More
Part Number: FM2021-01



Part Number: FM2021-02


FM-2024 Desoldering Module

The Hakko FM-2024 desoldering module gives you a complete soldering and desoldering solution in one module. The configurable handpiece uses quick-change composite nozzles and allows you to choose either a gun or pencil style handpiece. Learn More
Part Number: FM2024-01


FM-2027 Conversion Kit

This Hakko FM2027-03 Conversion Kit includes FM-2027 handpiece, iron holder, tip cleaner, heat pad and sleep cable. The FM-2027 soldering iron uses the T15 Tip Series. Learn More
Part Number: FM2027-03

List Price: $123.67

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