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FR-810 SMD Hot Air Rework Station

This product has been replaced by the FR810B-05. Learn More
Part Number: FR810-05


FR-810B SMD Hot Air Rework Station

The HAKKO FR-810B is ideal for removing SMDs and includes an integrated vacuum pickup system with a special visual indicator in the handpiece that allows the operator to visually see when the component has completely reflowed and is safely lifted from the pad. Learn More
Part Number: FR810B-05

List Price: $873.17

B5045 Pipe

Replacement heater pipe for the FR-810 and FR810B Hot Air Rework Station, and the FR-811 SMD Rework Station Learn More
Part Number: B5045

List Price: $20.77

B5046 Assembly Cord

FR-810 Assembly Cord with handle. Screws included. Learn More
Part Number: B5046

List Price: $103.57

B5058 Hot Air Nozzle Conversion Adapter

Use this adapter with the Hakko FR-810 hot air rework station to attach older Hakko hot air nozzles, such as those used with the Hakko FR-801, 802, and 803B hot air rework stations. Example: the Hakko A1134 nozzle will work with the FR-810 with the B5058 adapter. Watch the video on the FR-810 web page. Learn More
Part Number: B5058

List Price: $10.27

B5057 Pick Up Wire

FP Pick-Up Wire, Stainless Steel, for use with FR-810 Learn More
Part Number: B5057

List Price: $4.47

N51-26 BGA Hot Air Nozzle, 40 x 40 mm

NOZZLE,BGA,40 x 40mm,FR-810,FR810B,FR-811 Learn More
Part Number: N51-26

List Price: $100.57

N51-19 BGA Hot Air Nozzle, 20 x 20 mm

NOZZLE,BGA,20 x 20mm,FR-810,FR-810B,FR-811 Learn More
Part Number: N51-19

List Price: $100.57

N51-24 BGA Hot Air Nozzle, 35 x 35 mm

NOZZLE,BGA,35 x 35mm,FR-810,FR810B,FR-811 Learn More
Part Number: N51-24

List Price: $100.57

N51-22 BGA Hot Air Nozzle, 27 x 27 mm

NOZZLE,BGA,27 x 27mm,FR-810.FR810B,FR-811 Learn More
Part Number: N51-22

List Price: $100.57

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