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FT-710 Tip Cleaner

The Hakko FT-710 Tip Cleaner quickly and effectively cleans the soldering iron tip with the use of counter-rotating brushes to scrub away oxides, excess solder, and debris. Brushes are activated when the tip is pressed into the receptacle chamber which accurately positions the tip for optimal cleaning. Learn More
Part Number: FT710-04

List Price: $182.67

485 Soldering System w/o 486 Air Control Unit

The Hakko 485 Soldering System is a high-performance soldering systems designed exclusively for soldering and desoldering components and connectors mounted on printed circuit boards. Note: 486 air blower (shown in photo) NOT included. Learn More
Part Number: 485-1-V12

List Price: $5,744.27

485 Soldering System with 486 Air Control Unit

The Hakko 485 Soldering System is exclusively designed for soldering and desoldering components and connectors on PC boards. The Hakko 486 Air Blower is the perfect companion to the station as it completely removes any remaining solder. Includes 486 air blower (shown in photo.) Learn More
Part Number: 485-V12

List Price: $6,727.57

FG-101 Soldering Iron Tester (°Fahrenheit)

The Hakko FG-101 Soldering Tester measures tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip-to-ground resistance. This tester will provide you with quick, accurate soldering measurements. Note: Calibration Certificate comes with equipment. Learn More
Part Number: FG101-10

List Price: $1,221.27

FX-301 Digital Solder Pot (Refurbished)

Hakko’s FX-301 Digital Solder Pot is the perfect solution for dip soldering, tinning the ends of wire leads, and re-tinning solder iron tips. This digital model features four different heating programs and convenient timer which is especially useful where reliable control of solder temperature is essential.

Note: This item has been refurbished and may show nicks or scratches that do not affect performance.

Learn More
Part Number: FX301-12

List Price: $599.97

Special Price $150.00


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