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455 Soldering Iron

IRON,SDRG,45W,UL,455 Learn More
Part Number: 455-16


456 Soldering Iron

IRON,SDRG,63W,UL,456 Learn More
Part Number: 456-16


FT-710 Tip Cleaner

The Hakko FT-710 Tip Cleaner quickly and effectively cleans the soldering iron tip with the use of counter-rotating brushes to scrub away oxides, excess solder, and debris. Brushes are activated when the tip is pressed into the receptacle chamber which accurately positions the tip for optimal cleaning. Learn More
Part Number: FT710-04

List Price: $182.67

FM-202 Soldering Station

STATION,SDRG,ESD,w/o TIP,FM-202 Learn More
Part Number: FM202-01


FP-102 Soldering Station

STATION,SDRG,ESD,w/o TIP,FP-102 Learn More
Part Number: FP102-01


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