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FX-888 Soldering Station

Durable yet inexpensive, Hakko’s FX-888 adjustable soldering station provides versatility with a wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole applications. Learn More
Part Number: FX888-23BY


FX1002-83, FX-1002 Micro Soldering Iron — Handpiece Only

Micro soldering handpiece for the FX-100 Soldering Station.

Learn More
Part Number: FX1002-83

List Price: $108.67

FX-951 Soldering Station

Keep your bench clutter to a minimum and breeze through your tasks. This soldering station features a compact design with superior heat transfer and thermal recovery.

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Part Number: FX951-66

List Price: $269.77

FX-100 RF Induction Heat Soldering System Station Only

RF induction heat technology at its best. Designed for fast, reliable, accurate, efficient, and ESD safe soldering. No calibration required, just turn it on and in just seconds you’ll be ready to go. Boost control delivers a boost of extra power when you need it. Its compact design minimizes the workbench footprint.

Note: FX-100 Soldering Station with power cord only.  For station with Iron & accessories, please see FX100-04.

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Part Number: FX100-53

List Price: $442.27

FX-889 Dual Port Soldering Station

A versatile, dual port soldering station. No more hassle of having to unplug one handpiece to use another in the middle of a project. Two independent ports, offering users two soldering stations with full power output that can be used simultaneously.

Note: Soldering Station with iron holder and power cord only. 

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Part Number: FX889-04/P

List Price: $349.17

FX‐600 Soldering Iron

Designed for soldering in electronics, and because of it's portability, it is an ideally suited for the hobbyist and electronics enthusiast that is looking for a high performing soldering iron at an affordable price.Whether soldering electrical wires, terminals, through-hole electronic components or (SMD) surface mount devices, the FX-600 is the tool of choice when you need to solder in electronics and you need mobility.

Learn More
Part Number: FX600-05/P

List Price: $92.37

FX-791 Nitrogen Controller

This compact Hakko FX-791 Nitrogen controller will assist your Hakko N2 Soldering System to deliver nitrogen gas efficiently and uniformly. Learn More
Part Number: FX791-01

List Price: $365.27

FX-780 Nitrogen Generator

Compact yet high performance, the Hakko FX-780 Nitrogen Generator creates nitrogen gas from filtered, dry compressed air, making this the ideal companion for your Hakko N2 Soldering System. Learn More
Part Number: FX780-01

List Price: $1,696.37

FX-801 Ultra Heavy Duty (UHD) Soldering Station

Hakko’s FX-801 is the ideal soldering station for extremely large mass components, such as high current inductor coils, heat sinks, large transformers, shields, and other difficult solder applications where there is a significant amount of thermal inertia that must be overcome, enabling you to solder some of the most challenging solder joints.

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Part Number: FX801-02

List Price: $999.97

FX-8002 Soldering Iron (FX-801)

Soldering iron without tip, for use with the FX-801, FX-8002. Learn More
Part Number: FX8002-81

List Price: $92.57

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