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B1086 Cleaning Pin 0.8mm

PIN,CLEANING,0.8mm,FR-4003/4101/4102/4001/301/300,FM-2024,817/808/807 Learn More
Part Number: B1086

List Price: $3.87

B1303 Cleaning Drill, 1.0mm

DRILL,CLEANING,1.0mm,FR-4003/4101/4102/4001/301/300,FM-2024,817/807 Learn More
Part Number: B1303

List Price: $13.77

B1088 Cleaning Pin 1.3mm

PIN,CLEANING,1.3mm,FR-4003/4101/4102/4001/301/300,FM-2024,817/808/807 Learn More
Part Number: B1088

List Price: $3.87

B1304 Cleaning Drill, 1.3mm

DRILL,CLEANING,1.3mm,FR-4003/4101/4102/4001/301/300,FM-2024,817/807 Learn More
Part Number: B1304

List Price: $13.77

B2877 Hose

ESD-Safe hose for the FR-4003/4001,FM-2024 Learn More
Part Number: B2877

List Price: $22.27

B1310 Drill Bit 1.3mm (10-pack)

BIT,DRILL,1.3mm,10PK,FR-4003/4101/4102/4001/301/300,FM-2024,817/807 Learn More
Part Number: B1310

List Price: $43.17

B1306 Drill Holder 0.8-1.0mm

HOLDER,DRILL,0.8-1.0mm,FR-4003/4101/4102/4001/301/300,FM-2024,817/807 Learn More
Part Number: B1306

List Price: $9.27

B5221, FR-4003 Enclosure Pipe Assembly

Enclosure Pipe Assembly for the FR-4003 desoldering gun handpiece. Learn More
Part Number: B5221

List Price: $32.77

A5045 Filters

10 pack ceramic filters for handpiece FR-4003/4001 Learn More
Part Number: A5045

List Price: $22.17

888-182, FR-4001 Housing A

HOUSING,A,699-034290,FR-4001 Learn More

No Cancellation / Non-Returnable

Part Number: 888-182

List Price: $29.97

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