Important Notice: Despite recent events surrounding COVID-19 and new state-wide restrictions in California, American Hakko Products, Inc. continues to operate at 100% efficiency. We'd like to reassure our customers that we have sufficient inventory to meet demand and our supply lines to our factories that remain open.

Keep an on Hakko

BEWARE of Counterfeit Hakko Products Online!

Thank you for using HAKKO products.

We have confirmed that some counterfeit products are being widely-distributed in the market. Although these counterfeit products are not manufactured by HAKKO, they are illegally marked with our trademark and logo and being sold on the internet.

These counterfeit products may not meet any of our high quality standards and specifications, therefore, for your safety and your quality control, we recommend that you do NOT purchase these counterfeit products and only purchase genuine HAKKO products and parts from one of our authorized Hakko distributors / dealers.

Note: HAKKO is not responsible for any incident and/or failure caused by these counterfeit products. Please pay special attention when purchasing any Hakko products on the internet. If you have any questions or doubt, please call our customer service department at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556).

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The Staff at American Hakko

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