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394 Vacuum Pick-up Tool

394 Vacuum Pick-up Tool

The suction power on the Hakko 394 Vacuum Pick-up Tool provides smooth, even suction to hold a part in place while you line it up the exact placement and the perfect pick-up tool for surface mount components.

Part Number: 394-01

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List Price: $113.57

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Easy-to-use, battery operated pick-up tool for surface mount components.

• uses 2 AAA batteries

• ideal for handling surface mount components

Model Name 394
Part Number 394-01
Power Supply AAA alkaline battery x2
Outer Dimensions 130(L) x 22(W) x 29(H) mm
Weight w/o batteries 43 g
Pick-up Power
Pad No. Name/Description Pick-up Performance
A1166 Pad 3 mm 6 gf
A1312 Pad 5 mm 40 gf
A1167 Pad 7 mm 80 gf
A1311 Pad 10 mm 120 gf
Service Life of Battery
Pick-up Repetition Limit 1 Continuous Pick-up Time 2
~30,000 pick-ups
(with alkaline batteries)
~15 hours

1 - A 26 mm x 26 mm QFP is picked up for 2 seconds using a
    10 mm diameter pad and then released for 1 second.
    This cycle is repeated continuously until the QFP is no longer
    picked up.

2 - This is the time period from the moment a 26 mm x 26 mm
    QFP is picked up using a 10 mm diameter pad to the moment
    the QFP drops.

394 Vacuum Pick-up Tool 1 piece
A1165 Bent Nozzle 1.1 mm 1 piece
Manual 1 piece
Case 1 piece
A1312, Pad 5 mm 1 piece
A1311, Pad 10 mm 1 piece
Alkaline Batteries 2 pieces