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Tip Cleaners

FS-100 Tip Cleaning Paste

FS-100 Tip Cleaning Paste

Hakko’s FS-100 Tip Polish is specially formulated to easily remove oxide from soldering tips. Can be used alone or use with the FT-700 Tip Polisher for increased effectiveness.

Part Number: FS100-01

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The Hakko FS-100 paste re-tins oxidized soldering iron tips and is 100% Lead-Free. The flux does not contain Diammonium phosphate and does not leave a corrosive residue. (Conforms to JIS-Z-3197 6.6.1 test method.)

Depending on the severity of the oxidation and/or corrosion, the FS-100 will help rejuvenate very oxidized and/or corroded soldering iron tips back to useful life.

For optimum performance, use the FS-100 paste in conjuntion with the Hakko FT-700 tip polisher for increased oxide removal.

Part No. FS100-01
Amount 10g
Content Flux and Tin
(approx. 50% each)