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Wrist Straps

Adjustable Wrist Strap

Adjustable Wrist Strap

Effective for personal grounding.

Part Number: SC-0807

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List Price: $4.97

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• Single wire wrist strap

• 10 ft. coil cord

• Uses a medical grade stainless steel back plate and conductive woven thread in a hypoallergenic elastic fabric band

• 4mm snap connection for the wrist strap

• Standard banana plug termination and alligator clip adapter

• One size fits all


 Part No.  SC-0803
 Internal Resistor  Yes - 1M ohm
 Cord Length  10 ft.
 Snap Size  4 mm
 Snap Release  1 - 5 lb.
 Back Plate Material  Medical Grade SUS
 Hypoallergenic  Yes
 Band Material  Elastic Conductive Woven Thread
 Face Plate Material  Composite Plastic
 Cord Wire Insulation  PVC

ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006