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FR-301 Portable Desoldering Tool

FR-301 Portable Desoldering Tool

The FR-301 Desoldering Tool has everything you love about the FR-300, but with an improved temperature recovery time for greater efficiency. Its quick-change nozzle system uses Hakko’s versatile N61 nozzle series tips.

Part Number: FR301-03/P

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List Price: $309.97

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N61 Nozzle Series

• Improved temperature recovery time

• Easy-to-clean solder recovery chamber minimizes maintenance and reduces waste

• Fast release tool for the quick-change nozzle system

• Closed-loop sensor integrated heating system for improved thermal performance

• Compatible with lead-free solders

• Ergonomic grip design to minimize stress on your hand and wrist

• Unique pump design that lowers vibration and noise, but improves vacuum pressure and flow

• Easy-to-use adjustable temperature control built into the handle

• Includes storage case and maintenance accessories

Note: Before storing the unit in the carrying case, be sure to insert the nozzle into the protective cover to prevent risk of burn and melting of carrying case.


 Dimensions (LxWxH) (w/o cord) 226x49x215mm (8.9x1.9x8.5 in.)
 Model Name  FR-301
 Part No.  FR301-03/P
 Input Voltage  120 VAC 50/60 Hz
 Power Consumption  140W
 Temperature Range  350° - 500°C (660° - 930°F)
 Tip to Ground Resistance  < 2 Ohms
 Tip to Ground Potential  < 2 mV
 Temperature Stability and Accuracy  Meets or exceeds IPC J-STD-001
 Heating Element  Ceramic
 Output Frequency  13.56 MHz
 Vacuum Source  Single-Cylinder Diaphragm Pump
 Vacuum Pressure  81 kPa (610 mm Hg / 24 in. Hg)
 Suction Flow  11 L/min
 Weight (w/o cord)  0.52 kg (1.1 lb.)
 Nozzles  N61 Series
 Standard Nozzle  N61-08 (ø1.0mm)
 Safety Approval  

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 FR-301 Desoldering Tool  --
 Ceramic Filter (1 installed / 2 replacements)  A5044
 Nozzle Wrench  B5106
 Pre Filter  B5104
 Iron Holder  C5003
 Cleaning Pin for for ø1.0mm (0.04in.) nozzle  B1087
 Cleaning Pin (for heating element)  B1085
 Instruction Manual  --
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