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FR-810B SMD Hot Air Rework Station

FR-810B SMD Hot Air Rework Station

The HAKKO FR-810B is ideal for removing SMDs and includes an integrated vacuum pickup system with a special visual indicator in the handpiece that allows the operator to visually see when the component has completely reflowed and is safely lifted from the pad.

Note: Nozzles not included

Part Number: FR810B-05

Availability: In stock

List Price: $873.17

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The HAKKO FR-810B Hot Air Rework Station sets a new bar for convective rework. The new, compact and lightweight design (only 3.3 lb.) features a quiet, self-contained turbine air supply, capable of delivering up to 115 L/min.. The new heating element design improves durability, provides a top end temperature of 1120°F (600°C) and eliminates the quartz glass insulator tube.

The FR-810B includes an integrated vacuum pickup system that includes a visual indicator for reflow, allowing the operator to visually see when the component has completely reflowed and is safely lifted from the PCB. This special feature allows the operator to lift the handpiece without fear of damaging the pads or leads.

Additionally, new N51 Series quick-change hot air nozzles for SMT components that are specifically designed for use with the new vacuum pickup system are also available. These newly designed nozzles are compatible with the HAKKO FR-810B and FR-810, and the "older" nozzles from the HAKKO FR-810, FR-803B, FR-802 and FR-801 hot air stations are also compatible with the FR-810B.

Note: Please be careful when using "older" HAKKO N51 Series nozzles as some select nozzles are NOT compatible with the vacuum pick up feature and can cause damage to the unit if used improperly. Please see Product Bulletin 381 (PB381) "Change to N51 Series Nozzles" and the FR-810B User Manual, section 4 for more information.

Also, B5058 is no longer required to use "older" nozzles from the HAKKO FR-801, FR-802 and FR-803B with the HAKKO FR-810B. Please see Product Bulletin PB377 "B5045 Spec Change" for more information.

Other FR-810B features include:

• easy to read digital display for both temperature and air level

• slender handpiece with integrated Start/Stop button

• the ability to store up to 5 user programmable presets for temperature, airflow and time

• new Preset Chain feature that allows the operator to link up to 5 presets to run in sequence, simulating a 5-heating zone reflow profile for SMD components

• Auto Power-Off

• Various single jet nozzles with larger sizes available; no adapters required when using older generation nozzles

• Password Lockout to prevent unauthorized setup changes

• ESD safe by design

NOTE: Nozzles NOT included



Model FR-810B
Part Number FR810B-05

Input Voltage 120VAC 60Hz
Power Consumption 820W
Heater Power Consumption 790W
Airflow Source Turbine
Airflow Capacity1 5-115 L/min
Temperature Range2 120 - 1120°F (50 - 600°C)
Handpiece Length3
(w/o cord)
9.8 in. (250mm)
Handpiece Weight3
(w/o cord)
0.40 lb. (180g)
Nozzles (not included) N51 Series
Station Dimensions4
(W x H x D)
6.3 x 5.7 x 8.7 in.
(160 x 145 x 220 mm)
Station Weight 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg)
Safety Approval
ESD Safe Yes

1 - Airflow capacity is rated as free flowing. Restrictions created by various nozzles may reduce the maximum airflow capacity.
2 - Under certain airflow and temperature setting conditions, the station may not attain the maximum allowable temperature selection.
3 - As measured without the cord assembly attached
4 - Measured in order of W x H x D

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice


Part Number Description
-- FR-810B Hot Air Rework Station
B5054 Power cord
B2300 Heat resistant pad
B5048 Handpiece Holder
B3023 Large Vacuum Pipe Knob (w/screw)
A1520 Pad 3.0mm (2 pcs)
A1439 Pad 5.0mm (2 pcs)
A1438 Pad 7.6mm (2 pcs)
-- Instruction Manual

Note: Station does NOT include nozzles. Nozzles must be purchased separately. When ordering be sure to order a nozzle suitable for the work.


FR-810B Hot Air Rework Station FR-810B Hot Air Rework Station