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FX-8804 Hot Tweezer

FX-8804 Hot Tweezer

The Hakko FX-8804 hot tweezer is great for removal of surface mount components. For use with the FX-888, FX-888D and FX-889 soldering stations.

Part Number: FX8804-02

Availability: In stock

List Price: $193.07

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The FX-8804 Hot Tweezer delivers direct heat to the component, preventing damage to surrounding components on dense boards. It easily removes SMD chips and flat packs up to 25mm. The collet allows easy replacement of tips.

The Hakko FX-8804 is compatible with the Hakko FX-888, FX-888D, and FX-889 soldering stations.

The Hakko FX-8804 includes:

• 1 SMD FX-8804 Hot Tweezer (P/N:  FX8804-02)
    (includes 1 set of tips, P/N:  A1378 [2mm])

• 1 Heat Resistant Pad (P/N:  B2300)

Part Number: FX8804-02

(see Specifications for details)

NOTE: For the complete set up (kit) including one set of tips, tweezer holder, cleaning sponge, and heat resistant pad, see FX8804-CK.


Model Name FX-8804 Hot Tweezer
Part Number FX8804-02
Power Consumption 26VAC, 65W
Temperature Range 200°C - 400°C (392°F - 750°F)
Tip to Ground Resistance < 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential < 2 mV
Tips 950 Series
Standard Tip A1378 (2mm)
Cord Length 1.2m (47.2 in.)
Length (w/o cord) 186 mm (7.3 in.)
Weight (w/o cord) 93 g (0.21 lb.)


Part Number
FX8804-02 SMD Hot Tweezer
B2300 Heat resistant pad
A1378 (2mm) One set of tips



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