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FM-202 Soldering Station

FM-202 Soldering Station


Part Number: FM202-01

Status: Discontinued

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The FUTURE MODULE FM-202 is a powerful soldering station that delivers the heat you want to the soldering area FAST!

• the iron has a unique cartridge and soft grip design that allows cartridges with different tips and removable ergonomic grips to be quickly and easily replaced

• the soldering iron tip is automatically programmed to accurate tip temperature setting simply by inserting it into the process gate (patent pending feature)

• the soldering iron tip is registered at the factory on a non-magnetic barcode on the tip, which is automatically read by the station when inserted into the process gate

• built in patent pending heating element

• tip temperature can be changed without changing the tip

No Calibration Required
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How to Turn off the FM-202 Process Gate
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• over 75 tip configurations available

• once the tip temperature setting and process parameters are set, they are “locked” into the system memory and they cannot be changed without the lockout key card

• red ring LED in connector stays illuminated when the iron is hot (patent pending feature)

• low tip temperature alarm

• automatic shut off

• digital display reads °C or °F

• ESD-safe by design

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Part Number: FM202-01
(see Specifications for more details)


Model Name FM-202
Part Number FM202-01
Power Consumption 75W (Max. 140W)
Temperature Range 200°C - 450°C (400°F - 840°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±10°C (±18°F) of set temperature (Fig.1)
Temperature Stability ±5°C (±9°F) at idle temperature
Output Voltage 24V
Outer Dimensions 178(L) x 119(W) x 117(H) mm
7.0(L) x 4.7(W) x 4.2(H) in.
Weight 2.7 kg (5.9 lbs.)
Soldering Iron
Power Consumption 70W (24V)
Tip-to-Ground Resistance Under 2 ohms
Tip-to-Ground Potential Under 2mV
Total Length (w/o cord) 188 mm (7.4 in.) with T7-D24 tip
Weight     (w/o cord) 30 g (0.067 lb./1.07 oz.) with T7-D24 tip
Cord 1.2m (4 ft.)
Download Attachment
pdfIntroduction of the Hakko FM-202 Soldering Station(706.9 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of the Hakko FM-202(50.75 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of FM-202 Series Soldering Tips(144.11 KB )Download
pdfChange of Connector and Sleeve on the Hakko FM-202 Soldering Station(297.67 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of the new FM-202 Demo Kit FM-202-KIT(535.47 KB )Download
pdfFM203/204/205 & FX951 No Calibration Required(66.87 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of New Anti-Bacterial Sleeves for Composite Tips(82.92 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of Hakko Composite Tip Sleeves(66.57 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of the New Hakko FM-2024 Desoldering Module(206.95 KB )Download
pdfChange of Part Numbers for Hakko 634 Holders(26.63 KB )Download
pdfNew Yellow Sleeve Assembly for Hakko FM-2021(60.97 KB )Download
pdfChange of FM-202 Connector and Sleeve Assemblies(21.1 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of new T7-K Tip for FM-202(162.6 KB )Download
pdfNew Hakko FM-2026 Nitrogen Iron for Hakko FM-202 and Hakko FP-102 Solder Stations(766.87 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of the new FM2022-CK Parallel Remover Conversion Kit(145.96 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of the new FM-2023 Mini Parallel Remover(335.47 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of Fume Extraction Sleeve for FM-202 and FP-102(141.53 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of New T7 Series Tip - T7-SLI(59.87 KB )Download
pdfNew High Mass T7 Series Tip(88 KB )Download
pdfNew Hakko FX-791 Nitrogen Controller(118.16 KB )Download
pdfNew FM-2027 Locking Connector Assembly(90.62 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of FM-2021 Sleeve Assemblies(21.1 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of T7 Series Composite Tips(71.1 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of 24 New T7 Series Tips(199.5 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of original sleeve assembly for T7 Series Tips(36.44 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of New Improved Sleeve Assemblies for T7 Series Tips(68.19 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of the new FM-2022 Parallel Remover(905.93 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of the new holder for the FM-2022 Parallel Remover(129.84 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of FM2022-02 Parallel Remover Handle ONLY(77.63 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of Fume Extraction Kit for FM-202 and FP-102(126.7 KB )Download
pdfIntroduction of New T7-Series Tip for Gold Solder - T7-1608(68.22 KB )Download
pdfNew T8 Tip for Hakko FM-2022 Parallel Remover(60.07 KB )Download
pdfNew Hakko FX-780 Nitrogen Generator(199.72 KB )Download
pdfHakko FP-102 Specification Change(21.08 KB )Download
pdfChange from T7 Series Tips to T15 Series Tips(22.24 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of T8 Series Composite Tips(63.68 KB )Download
pdfFM202 Users Manual (Rev 2006-08)(1.06 MB )Download
pdfFM202 Users Manual (Rev 2005-11)(936.22 KB )Download
pdfFM-202 Users Manual (Rev 2004-07)(719.01 KB )Download
pdfFM-202 Users Manual (Rev 2004-02)(695.53 KB )Download
pdfFM2022 Users Manual (Rev 2003-08)(395.13 KB )Download
pdfFM202 Users Manual (Rev 2002-01)(1.26 MB )Download
pdfSoldering in a Nitrogen Atmosphere(28.87 KB )Download
pdfThe meaning of soldering station specs(54.34 KB )Download
pdfTip Tips(53.8 KB )Download
pdfEverything you need to know about watts(13.53 KB )Download
pdfFlux residues(38.72 KB )Download
pdfHakko Pb-Free Soldering Tips(49.69 KB )Download
pdfThe Purpose of Fume Extraction(59.44 KB )Download
pdfTip Care and Use(34.3 KB )Download
pdfDiscontinuation of N1 Series Composite Nozzles(62.26 KB )Download
pdfEverything about Temperature(42.85 KB )Download
pdfTip Plating(40.02 KB )Download
pdfHow to turn the Process Gate off on your FM-202(57.2 KB )Download
FM-202 Soldering Station

FM-202 Soldering Station


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