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FP-102 Soldering Station

FP-102 Soldering Station


Part Number: FP102-01

Status: Discontinued

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The FUTURE PRODUCT FP-102 is a low cost, high performance soldering station that delivers! The FP-102 features:

  • an iron with a unique cartridge and soft grip design that allows cartridges with different tips and removable ergonomic grips to be quickly and easily replaced
  • built in patent pending heating element
  • tip temperature can be changed without changing the tip
  • four pre-set nominal soldering temperatures to choose from at the touch of a button
  • over 75 tip configurations available
  • once the tip temperature is set, it is “locked” into the system memory and cannot be changed without the lockout key card
  • red ring LED in connector stays illuminated when the iron is hot (patent pending feature)
  • can be used as a desoldering station with the FM-2024 Desoldering Tool
  • ESD-safe by design

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Part Number: FP102-01
(see Specifications for more details)

NOTE: The FP-101 and the FP-102 share the same specifications and features and benefits with one exception: the FP-102 has the ability to operate the FM-2024 Desoldering Tool. For more information, please visit the FM-2024 web page in the Desoldering Section.



Model Name FP-102
Part Number FP102-01
Power Consumption 75W
Nominal Temperature Ranges 6.5
Temperature Stability ±5°C (±9°F) at idle temperature
Output Voltage 24V
Outer Dimensions 120(L) x 93(W) x 140(H) mm
4.7(L) x 3.7(W) x 5.5(H) in.
Weight 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs.)
Soldering Iron
Power Consumption 70W (24V)
Tip-to-Ground Resistance Under 2 ohms
Tip-to-Ground Potential Under 2mV
Total Length (w/o cord) 188 mm (7.4 in.) with T7-D24 tip
Weight     (w/o cord) 30 g (0.067 lb./1.07 oz.) with T7-D24 tip
Cord 1.2m (4 ft.)


Part Number Description
  FP-102 Soldering Station
FM2027-02 FM-2027 Locking Connector Assembly
Yellow, Orange, Blue or Green
Sleeve Assembly (grip)
Iron Holder
B2839 Control Card with chain
B2300 Heat Resistant Pad
B2756 Tip Tray


FP-102 Soldering Station

FP-102 Soldering Station


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