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FX‐600 Soldering Iron

FX‐600 Soldering Iron

Designed for soldering in electronics, and because of it's portability, it is an ideally suited for the hobbyist and electronics enthusiast that is looking for a high performing soldering iron at an affordable price.Whether soldering electrical wires, terminals, through-hole electronic components or (SMD) surface mount devices, the FX-600 is the tool of choice when you need to solder in electronics and you need mobility.

Part Number: FX600-05/P

Availability: In stock

List Price: $92.37

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• Adjustable temperature control

• Portable & lightweight

• Uses T18 series tips, versatile and compact


 Model Name  FX-600
 Part No.  FX600-05/P
 Input Voltage  120VAC 60Hz
 Power Consumption  74W
 Tip-to-Ground Resistance  < 2 Ω
 Leak Voltage  < 2 mV
 Temperature Range  200‐500°C (400‐932°F)
 Temp Accuracy  ±10°C (±18°F)
 Temp Stability  ±1.0°C (±1.8°F)
 Heater Type
HAKKO True Ceramic™
 Tips  T18 Series
 Standard Tip  T18-B
 Length (w/o cord)  233 mm (9.17 in.) w/T18-B tip
 Weight (w/o cord)  61g (0.13 lb.)
 Reach  1.8m (6.0 ft.)
 Safety Approval  

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 Soldering Iron  FX-600
 Lock Key  B3707
 Standard Tip  T18-B
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