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MACH-1 Soldering Irons (Discontinued)

918 Mach-1, 85W Soldering Iron (788°F)

918 Mach-1, 85W Soldering Iron (788°F)


Part Number: 918M-V12

Status: Discontinued

List Price: $63.17

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The Mach-1 series offer faster heat transmission for faster heating. This means faster start-up as well as faster thermal recovery during high volume soldering operations.

Faster thermal recovery also permits lower tip temperatures, which reduces the possibility of damage to boards and components; prevents seizing; and reduces the temperature of the handles and extends tip life.

The ideal soldering temperature is maintained constantly for perfect results every time. The highly insulated ceramic heater prevents overheating, which can damage IC boards. An insulation factor of over 100 ohm can be maintained even during actual use.

Temperature control sensor is built into the heating element for faster, more stable temperature control.

Compact lightweight design with high cooling efficiency at the handle permits fatigue-free soldering over long periods for maximum work efficiency.

Part Number: 918M-V12 (see Specifications for details)

Note: 920M-V12 thru 922M-V12 below ships in ~ 4-6 weeks

Part Number: 920M-V12 (see Specifications for details)
Part Number: 921M-V12 (see Specifications for details)
Part Number: 922M-V12 (see Specifications for details)


Part Number 918M-V12 920M-V12 921M-V12 922M-V12
Power Consumption 85W 95W 85W 85W
Standard Tip 918-T-3D 920-T-2.4D
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Temperature Control 420°C
Insulation Resistance 100M ohms
Total Length 220mm
(8.7 in.)
(8.27 in.)
Weight ~ 70 g
(0.15 lb.)
~ 50 g
(0.11 lb.)
918 Mach-1, 85W Soldering Iron (788°F)

918 Mach-1, 85W Soldering Iron (788°F)


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