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On-the-Go Soldering Kit

On-the-Go Soldering Kit

The Soldering Starter Kit features Hakko's FX-901 cordless iron, burn resistant matting to protect your bench top, several of our CHP Hand Tools, heat resistant polyimide tape to hold your pieces in place, and a grounding wrist strap to minimize electrostatic build-up!

Part Number: BT-KIT3/P

Status: Discontinued

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• Hakko FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron

• CHP 16" x 24" 2-Layer Natural Rubber, Burn Resistant ESD Mat

CHP-170-D Micro Cutter, ESD safe black dissipative handles eliminate electrostatic build-up

• CHP 7-SA Very Fine Point Tweezers

• CHP 00D-SA Fine Point Tweezers

• CHP SC-0807 Adjustable Grounding Wrist Strap

• CHP SC-0404 Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape - 2.5 mils x 0.5 in.