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Soldering Starter Kit

Soldering Starter Kit

The Soldering Starter Kit features Hakko's 508 40W stick iron set, burn resistant matting to protect your bench top, several of our CHP Hand Tools, heat resistant Polyimide Tape to hold your pieces in place, and a grounding a Grounding Wrist Strap to minimize electrostatic build-up!

Part Number: BT-KIT2/P

Status: Discontinued

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• Hakko Blue 508-1/P 40W Iron Set with Wick & Holder

• CHP 16" x 24" 2-Layer Natural Rubber, Burn Resistant ESD Mat

CHP-170-D Micro Cutter, ESD safe black dissipative handles eliminate electrostatic build-up

• CHP 7-SA Very Fine Point Tweezers

• CHP 00D-SA Fine Point Tweezers

• CHP SC-0807 Adjustable Grounding Wrist Strap

• CHP SC-0404 Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape - 2.5 mils x 0.5 in.