NEW — CHP Assembly Tools
American Hakko Products, Inc. announces the New CHP brand of Assembly Tools to the electronics assembly industry, including brush and brushless electric screwdrivers, power supplies, spring balancers and associated accessories.
NEW — FR-811 Complete SMD Hot Air Rework System
A complete, economical SMD hot air rework system, including the HAKKO FR-811 SMD hot air station, handpiece fixture, board holder and vision system.
NEW — FR-811 Advanced SMD Hot Air Rework Station
The FR-811 is an economical, SMD hot air rework system with a multitude of intelligent features making this an ideal system for reworking bottom terminated components.
NEW — CHP ESD Supplies
American Hakko Products, Inc. announces the New CHP brand of ESD Supplies to the electronics manufacturing industry, including mats, gloves, wrist and boot straps, finger cots, tapes, labels and more.
NEW — FR-810B Hot Air Rework Station
Ideal for removing SMDs. Includes a vacuum pickup system with a visual indicator that indicates when the component has been reflowed and safely lifted from the pad.
NEW — FR-410 Desoldering Station
140W high power desoldering station with unique features that increases work efficiency, including newly designed selection of nozzles for a variety of desoldering applications.
NEW — G2 Blades for FT-801 Thermal Wire Strippers

The newly designed blades feature a wishbone support between them. This support mitigates rotational play in the blades to improve notch alignment at the end of the blades.

NEW — FX-801 Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station
This is the ideal soldering tool for extremely large mass components — high current inductor coils, large transformers, shields and difficult to solder applications where a large amount of thermal inertia must be overcome.
NEW — FR-400 Heavy Duty Desoldering Station
This ultra heavy duty desoldering tool is specially designed to desolder large mass components — high current inductor coils, heat sinks, large transformers, and other connectors where significant thermal inertia that must be overcome.

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