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NEW —Bench Top Kits

Our Bench Top Kits are perfect starter sets for Hobbyist, Makers and DIYers. With a variety of assembly tools and protective gear, you are all set to start building.

NEW —FU-Series Automated Soldering Solutions

Using an automated system improves consistency and repeatability, as well as decreases process time. Hakko's FU-series modules communicate with the automation platform of your choosing.


The FR-301 Desoldering Tool has everything you love about the FR-300, but with an improved temperature recovery time for greater efficiency. Its quick-change nozzle system uses Hakko’s versatile N61 nozzle series tips.

NEW — FX-1002 Micro Soldering Iron
The FX-100 Micro Soldering Solution! The FX-1002 is to be used with the HAKKO FX-100 RF induction heating soldering station. HAKKO took the power and performance of their T31 Series tips and compressed them into the new T35 Series tips in micro tip shapes. Available July 10, 2017
NEW — CHP DPF-200 Depaneling System
The CHP DPF-200 is a manual router table for depaneling PCBs from a panel or multiblock. Simply place the PCB along the rail and drag it until the cut is completed — no more stress, breaking or tearing of the PCB tabs.
CHP Assembly Tools
American Hakko Products, Inc. announces the New CHP brand of Assembly Tools to the electronics assembly industry, including brush and brushless electric screwdrivers, power supplies, spring balancers and associated accessories.
CHP ESD Supplies
American Hakko Products, Inc. announces the New CHP brand of ESD Supplies to the electronics manufacturing industry, including mats, gloves, wrist and boot straps, finger cots, tapes, labels and more.
FX-100 RF Induction Heat Soldering System
Experience the power of the next generation of induction heat soldering technology. Features power activity display, temp boost, password lockout, sleep function, and more.
BEWARE of Counterfeit Hakko Products Online!
Only purchase Hakko products from an authorized Hakko Distributor or Dealer. Counterfeit Hakko products may not meet any of our high quality standards and specifications, therefore, for your safety and your quality control, we recommend that you do NOT purchase these counterfeit products and only purchase genuine HAKKO products and parts from one of our authorized Hakko distributors/dealers. HAKKO is not responsible for any incident and/or failure caused by these counterfeit products.
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