Important Notice: Despite recent events surrounding COVID-19 and new state-wide restrictions in California, American Hakko Products, Inc. continues to operate at 100% efficiency. We'd like to reassure our customers that we have sufficient inventory to meet demand and our supply lines to our factories that remain open.

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NEW —FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester

The Hakko FG-101B Soldering Tester measures tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip-to-ground resistance.

NEW —FG-470 System Tester

The FG-470 quickly and simply checks for wrist straps and grounding wires, and the contact resistance between the wrist strap and the skin.

NEW —FT-802 Thermal Wire Strippers

Featuring an integrated handpiece holder with a hands-free blade removal plate and new G4 blades that offer improved blade alignment with superior thermal performance.

NEW —FR-400 UHD Desoldering Station w/ new handpiece

The FR-400 handpiece now comes with a more efficient nozzle quick-change capability!

NEW —FG-100B Tip Thermometers

In addition to the new AUTO HOLD feature, the FG-100B includes a user selectable temperature display which allows the reading to display in either °C or °F

NEW —FR-410 Desoldering Station

Improved Gun and Pencil-Style handpieces for the FR-410 Desoldering Station with a more efficient nozzle quick-change capability!

NEW —Nozzle Quick Changers for the FR-301/400/410

Three separate ports allow user to store different shape nozzles and be able to change from nozzle to nozzle with a simple twist.

NEW —HU-200 Robotic Soldering System

With the power of the FU-601, the easy robot programming and the reliability of Hakko products, the HU-200 offers a solution to almost any soldering project.

BEWARE of Counterfeit Hakko Products Online!
Only purchase Hakko products from an authorized Hakko Distributor or Dealer. Counterfeit Hakko products may not meet any of our high quality standards and specifications, therefore, for your safety and your quality control, we recommend that you do NOT purchase these counterfeit products and only purchase genuine HAKKO products and parts from one of our authorized Hakko distributors/dealers. HAKKO is not responsible for any incident and/or failure caused by these counterfeit products.
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